The Oswego Fire Protection district prides themselves on their training. Members are training every single day to make sure that when we call 911 and have an emergency, they are prepared. There were over 32,000 Hours of training logged with over 1300 of these being under LIVE FIRE conditions! That is over 400 hours per each firefighter! This training is done primarily at the Ray Hoff Memorial Training Center that was built to increase training of OFPD members as well as other departments that utilize the training building or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus search maze. This tower helps alleviate costs of sending department personnel to classes that can be covered "in house". There are still costs however to training and members still need to train at outside facilities. Training is not only effective in keeping firefighters safe, but it is an important step in reducing injuries and healthcare costs related to on the job injuries like work comp and overtime. This is due to the fact that just like a sports team, the firefighters must condition and train regularly both physically and mentally to be prepared for anything and to be able to adapt to ever changing conditions should they arise.