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Fleet services is tasked with keeping the department moving. These are fire department members that work on their off days in an emergency vehicle technician or EVT role. They are mechanics that are specially trained in emergency vehicles. This saves the taxpayers an average of $350,000 in labor and repairs annually and allows for turnaround times that could not be matched if vehicles were outsourced to outside vendors. Passing this bond allows our fleet services shop to continue running smoothly and continues to allow the department to reduce costs related to labor, insurance, and inflated costs of sending vehicles out for routine maintenance. Costs are also reduced as fleet services are able to refurbish rotors and other equipment that may otherwise need to be discarded if outsourced to a third party vendor. Fleet services not only the vehicles at Oswego Fire, but they are also tasked with building and grounds maintenance for every station, snow removal, and many other projects that are required to keep the department running 24/7/365.

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