About the Referendum

On April 6th, we in the community must make an important decision. We must support our fire department by voting YES. OFPD is seeking a 0.1% tax increase. This is not for any one particular item, however it is to CONTINUE the same high level of service we have come to expect. With the ever increasing costs in operations, training, equipment, and outreach, the OFPD is nearing a point where they need this referendum to continue on this path forward. It is not well known, but the last referendum was 18 years ago and the department has been able to reach great lengths and provide tremendous service at the current taxing rate. That being said, unfortunately they are now at the point where more growth at the current tax rate will not be sufficient to keep doing so. OFPD currently taxes at or lower many surrounding communities that do not have the same level of service that OFPD provides. We understand that no one wants to spend more in taxes, in fact, most of OFPD members live in Oswego themselves! It is important to know that this is not something that the fire department plans on requesting again for a great deal of time and they hope to be able to go another several years at the same pace should this referendum pass. In talking with the Chiefs, this committee discovered that the long term goal is to add another ambulance full time to keep up with ever increasing call volumes. Very regularly all four ambulances are out at the same time. Even one car accident could cause Oswego to call for help from other towns. Their goal with staffing another ambulance full time is to ease that pressure when this occurs.