About the Referendum

On November 8th, 2022, we in the community must make an important decision. We must support our fire department by voting YES as seen on the ballot on the front page of this website. Oswego Fire Protection District is seeking a 0.1% tax increase to continue the same high level of service we all have come to expect from our local fire department. With the ever-increasing costs in operations, training, equipment, and community outreach programs, Oswego Fire Protection District is at the point that a referendum is needed to continue the great services they provide to our community. The last time Oswego Fire Protection District asked taxpayers for a referendum was in March of 2002, 20 years ago! Since that time the department has been able to reach great lengths and provide a professional service at the current tax rate. Unfortunately, they are now at the point where more growth at the current tax rate will not be sufficient to keep up with the increase in service calls and overall costs to provide that service. Oswego Fire Protection District currently taxes at or lower than many of the surrounding communities. We understand that nobody wants to pay more in taxes, but in order for the Oswego Fire Protection District to keep providing the same high level of professional services, we as a community must pass the 0.1% Rescue Tax increase on November 8th, 2022.