We are asking for your help in passing a new tax levy for emergency and rescue crews and equipment purposes and have an additional tax of 0.10% of the equalized assessed value of a property. Below is an example of what the ballot will look like.

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The District is asking for the first tax referendum in over 20 years! The Oswego Fire Protection District does not see funding from villages served and requires levies such as this to continue to provide the excellent level of care our citizens deserve. This tax levy is only for a 0.1% increase. This would increase the average homeowner's fire tax by just around $99 annually for a home worth $300,000 and will still make Oswego Fire Protection District very competitive in cost per year when looking at comparable fire districts.


To put a fourth ambulance in service full-time, which will increase ambulance response availability by more than 12%. The district has not required a tax increase through referendum in over 19 years. In that time the district has: 

  • Seen an increase from 2,000 calls to 6,346 since 2011

  • Doubled the number of fire stations

  • Increased from 17 Sworn Personnel to 23 PER SHIFT as well as 7 Sworn Administrative Members

The cost of equipment and apparatus has increased substantially such as:

  • Fire Engines cost 2x more than in 2002- $650,000 Each!

  • Cardiac monitors now cost $44,000 each

  • Breathing apparatus have gone from $2,000 to over $11,016 each

How Much Will This Cost Me?

The average homeowner in the Oswego Fire Protection District should expect to see an increase of just around $99 in their yearly taxes. (Based on an average fair market value of $300,000) This is a referendum that will allow the fire department to grow appropriately with the community and to allow for them to provide the exact same level of service given the rapid growth.

How Does This Benefit My Family?

The benefit to our families is dramatic since an additional ambulance on the street full time should increase ambulance availability by over 12-15%. In a medical emergency, seconds count!

How Has The District Cut Costs?

  • The District has been successful in receiving over $1,000,000 in private, state, and federal grants!

  • The District has secured over $700,000 in government surplus equipment.

  • The District operates their own vehicle services program which saves more than $350,000 each year in labor costs alone.

What Happens If This Referendum Fails?

As call volumes continue to rise, response times will increase, ambulance availability will decrease, and the high level of service to the public cannot be maintained.

How Can I Help?

Please spread the word! Share on your social media pages, tell friends, and encourage everyone to reach out to the fire department and The Friends of Oswego Fire with any and all questions regarding this referendum. We know people have questions and are excited to answer them!

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Friends of Oswego Fire

Supporting Those Who Support Us

Friends of Oswego Fire was created to bring information and awareness to fire department activities, current services, and as a way to connect us in the community to OUR Fire Department. We are currently asking for your support in VOTING YES for the Rescue Tax on April 6th. You will find information throughout this website to help understand what our fire protection district does for us as well as why it is so important that we continue to support them on April 6th.